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Forever Rose Teddy Bear

$77.99 Coming soon
Forever Rose Teddy Bear

Made with BPA-Free artificial flowers.
Body made with a combination of plastic foam and foam rubber.
Height of 45cm.
Roses already installed.

The Perfect Gift for Your Special Other
Women love surprises. Men, on the other hand, find it hard to decide on the perfect gift for their special other. The good news is, you do not have to worry about choosing the right gift anymore. Now, you can count on a Forever Rose Teddy Bear to bring a smile to her face!

Why are the Forever Rose Teddy Bears so special?
As you know, most women love roses, surprises and teddy bears. The Forever Rose Teddy Bear is not a regular gift. It’s a creative gift from the heart. The artificial roses that are artistically put together form a bear over a styrofoam body.

A Unique Gift For Her
It is unique and less common than regular teddy bears. Therefore, you are most likely going to be the first to present it to her. Seeing this beautifully artistic gift will take her breath away. You want a gift that will be embedded in her memories forever.

Perfect Complimentary Gift
Need the perfect touch for the ring, necklace or special gift you purchased? The Forever Rose Teddy Bear is perfect to compliment your main gift. If you’re looking for the perfect cherry on top, look no further.

No More Hassle To Find The Right Gift
You do not have to worry about picking the right gift for your mother, close friend, wife or girlfriend anymore. The rose bear can be the main or secondary gift you’re looking to give.

Wide Variety To Choose From
Add a personal touch to it by selecting her favorite color and the right size depending on the event. Place your order today and receive it in time for the special event. It’s recommended for ages 3 and above.